Backspace here meant the devil as well as secret keeper for me,infact for many people.which stops me to say many things , remember the most toughest moment of your life ,when even we drown in thinking hundredths of time before sending messages to our close one,to whom we share share ,now we are not sending because of fear.That thinking is very confusing for us because we thought that everything depends on our message ,but it’s not everything its we say that one message change everything.

And backspace is just a key ,we say that backspace wins everytime,so it is wrong.everything is on our hand .and if we want to express our feelings to loved ones then it’s not matter to go through the key backspace.after such incidents we felt guilty that , and talk with ourself that I should send at least one message.then I felt that noone knows my story except BACKSPACE .Do you what I felt when i heard the word backspace was that,for the feelings that once raised ,would never be come back and it is known as backspace.overall backspace has a key had more stories to tell.

Atlast I wrote these all because I thought that BACKSPACE is just a key although it knows our feelings,love

and broken heart ,but we shouldn’t become it’s slave,we have also our sense of humour so don’t make BACKSPACE as your secret keeper or devil anymore.


Teenagers and society

Life… what’s life,it’s an independent world ,where each one have right to live happily, enjoy fully .we know very well that life is very short,live each moment.But noone tells us that what about that moment when we are just like a remote control car and it’s remote on others hand.The age is only and only teenage.where the control of our mind is not on our hand….the problem here that… people or generally our parents …tells us that lives with those people with whom you feel better…and stay away from bad one…. but on the same time they were against our love issue…why

so…even we know very well that .the person with whom we are in relationship is perfect for us…and we are happy with him or her.Then why the parents and society hates this… everyone have right to be happy…why should you interfare in others matter.these things happens in past years but now we are living in the era of 21st mentality of every person should be change like that.The issue raises here that ..It’s not enough to grown up by age,grown up by mindset is also necessary to all citizens.